High Ticket Business Owners:

We Will Place Pre Trained Setters and Closers Into Your Sales Team

Pre Trained Sales Reps
Sales Operations
1:1 Business Consulting
Sales Asset Library
Out with the Old

The New Way Of Generating Revenue

Talk To Sales
The Old Way

CEO Manages The Sales Team

Multiple Software That Don't Talk To Each Other

Inconsistent Lead Flow

Lack of visibility on KPI's

Leads left Untouched For Weeks or Months

Working With Marketing Agencies That Don’t Deliver What They Promise

Relying Only On Email To Generate Appointments


We Source Verified Contacts In Your Niche And Help Write Converting Copy Across Multiple Channels

We Build Integrations Between Your Tech Stack To Seamlessly Send And Receive Important Data

We Mimic Human Behavior Increasing The Amount of Positive Responses For Your Team

Custom Built Dashboards That Show The Data Points Important To Your Business

Custom Built Nurture Workflows That Make Sure All Your Leads Are Being Worked

We Offer a ROI Guarantee Within 90 Days

We Implement an Omni-Channel Outreach Approach Across Email, SMS, Cold Calls, and Linkedin


To Predictably Scale Your Sales Team

Sales is hard enough as it is! Let our team of experts come in and help optimize and automate the manual non revenue generating activities so your sales team can stay busy doing what they were hired for... CLOSING BUSINESS!



Initial audit of current systems and processes
Before building we want to fully understand the prospect/customer journeys
Integrate all the software you currently use today
Build Custom Dashboards for full visibility and transparency for sales and executive teams
Pipeline management
Copywriting + List building


We build a custom software platform once we fully understand your organization
Train the team on how to use it and best practices for day to day sales activities
Set up integrations and automation based off sales activities (Invoicing, Reporting, Slack, Etc)


Ongoing management and support as you scale headcount and revenue
Continual software updates and trainings created on new features
Managed support rep dedicated to your company
Our Happy Customers Saying Thank You
Matas Jakutis
CEO @ BMDigitial

I found Automated Revenue through a Twitter ad and I’m always skeptical of big bold claims I see in ads. I decided to give them a chance in helping to build out my appointment setter and closer teams for my business.I’ve also invested heavily in the mainstream sales recruiting agencies and Automated Revenue has not only performed faster but has also provided A+ sales talent for a much more affordable price point than the others.One of their setters booked 97 calls in his first 30 days generating over 6 figures in top line revenue.If you are looking to add top tier sales talent to your business hit up Dylan and Jake they really are the SDR whisperers.

An End To End Sales Solution. Way Faster and More Affordable Then Doing It Yourself


Great for Companies looking to...
Increase the quality of their sales team
Position their company in the marketplace
Get an expert's opinion on what platforms and scripts to implement

Talk To Sales

Great for Companies looking to...
Improve upon current sales processes
Increase their meeting show and close %'s
Go From 7-8 figures to 9 figures
Get an expert's opinion on their current sales and revenue operations
Confidently increase ad spend

Talk To Sales

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