B2B Appointment Setting Services

We Grow Your Pipeline While You Focus On Running The Business

We employ a strategic process and tried-and-true sales methods to generate leads and secure guaranteed appointments for our exclusive partners at an unbeatable price - less than what it would cost them to hire one employee. If you are looking for B2B appointment setting services, Automated Revenue is the answer.


B2B Appointment Setting Is Our Specialty

Our B2B appointment setting services are designed to create a dependable sales pipeline and make sure more prospects advance through your sales cycle. As an outsourced service provider for your sales network, we guarantee a steady volume of new appointments each month and provide you with the capabilities to predict sales accurately.

With Automated Revenue, you don’t have to worry about sourcing quality leads and securing appointments. We will manage all that for you, freeing up your time so you can focus on the growth of your business. Our team of B2B appointment setters will work hard to ensure that each lead is nurtured and nurtures your business. We will provide you with the data and insights needed to make sound decisions and grow your business.

OUR Appointment Setters

Top Performing Appointment Setters For High Quality Conversions

We are dedicated to only employing B2B appointment setters that we believe will produce excellent conversations and quality calls, regardless of the industry.

Qualified Cold Callers

Our US-based appointment setters possess diverse backgrounds and were handpicked for their expertise and knack in booking meetings with qualified leads.

Sales Training & Development

Our appointment setting representatives have all gone through a comprehensive sales training program that revolves around our productivity-driven, proven scripts and methods.

U.S Based Sales Reps

Our proficient and experienced appointment setting team is based entirely within the United States, guaranteeing that our B2B clients will receive exceptional outreach services. We never rely on outsourcing this critical role to guarantee top quality results.

Quality Feedback Evaluations

To gather the most honest feedback about your product or service, there's no faster way than to reach out directly to potential customers. This will make it easier for you to perfect your pitch and marketing plan. Every week, we'll get together so that you can review their responses and adjust campaigns as needed based on what they had to say.

OUR appointment setting

How Our B2B Appointment Setting Services Work

Our specialized B2B appointment setting program offers you a predictable sales pipeline and guarantees that more people enter each stage of the sales cycle. By outsourcing this service, we guarantee an optimal monthly number of new meetings to secure your future business forecast. Not only do we build your database, identify prospects, lead nurture them, and qualify leads for face-to-face appointments; but these services cost much less than hiring one full-time employee would!

Custom Script & Strategy

Our sales script and value proposition experts will create a custom cold calling script based on your company's unique value proposition.

Frequent & Repeated Calls

Our experienced cold callers will contact your leads multiple times to increase conversation rates and appointments.

Ongoing Evaluation Sessions

Meeting frequently to optimize campaign variables gets us better results in the end.

Qualified Appointments

To offer high-quality chances, we schedule appointments with key decision-makers that fulfill predetermined criteria.

savr your time & money

Save Time & Money. Let Us Hire Appointment Setters For You

If you're looking for a cost-efficient and proven method to ensure more prospects enter each stage of your sales cycle, look no further than Automated Revenue's B2B appointment setting services. Our team of experts will manage all the hard work so that you can save time and money - while still guaranteeing top quality results. Let us help you build your pipeline, nurture leads, and qualify them for face to face appointments today! Contact us now to get started.
The Automated Revenue team looks forward to working with you and helping your business achieve success. Reach out and let’s start building a strong sales pipeline together!

Outsourced Appointment Setting Services That Grow Your Pipeline

Automated Revenue takes appointment setting services for B2B to the next level. We have revolutionized this industry that was thought to be obsolete by utilizing modern techniques and providing our clients with top-notch connections between people, products, and services. No longer are cold calls seen as a relic of the past; rather they are now viewed with an eye towards innovation thanks to Automated Revenue!
Transforming the concept of telemarketing, cold calling, and appointment setting for the modern age through human-to-human contact is what we do. Our exclusive appointment setting service will help your business generate leads so you can concentrate on growing it further.

Our Happy Customers Saying Thank You
Matas Jakutis
CEO @ BMDigitial

I found Automated Revenue through a Twitter ad and I’m always skeptical of big bold claims I see in ads. I decided to give them a chance in helping to build out my appointment setter and closer teams for my business.I’ve also invested heavily in the mainstream sales recruiting agencies and Automated Revenue has not only performed faster but has also provided A+ sales talent for a much more affordable price point than the others.One of their setters booked 97 calls in his first 30 days generating over 6 figures in top line revenue.If you are looking to add top tier sales talent to your business hit up Dylan and Jake they really are the SDR whisperers.