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Cold Calling Services: B2B Outsourced Cold Calling

Our professionally trained, US-based remote cold callers will take care of your B2B cold calling and book you into suitable sales meetings on your behalf. Eliminate the need to hire internal sales reps with outsourced cold calling services.


Cold Calling & Lead Generation Is Our Specialty

Automated Revenue came to life in order to help sales teams with better cold calling techniques and overall lead generation. Being successful in these departments can be tough for a lot of businesses- mostly because they simply hate making the calls, don't know where to start, or feel like they're missing key pieces - like resources, knowledge or people. 

We've always relied on our ability to construct scripts and tactics that prioritize trust and deliver each client's unique value proposition, which leads to more effective leads and sales appointments. 

When you outsource cold calling to us, we'll take care of the entire process from start to finish. We'll research your target market, create a custom script, and start making calls on your behalf. Our goal is to book you into qualified sales meetings so you can close more deals and grow your business.


Top Performing Cold Callers For High Quality Conversions

We only hire sales development representatives who we believe will provide higher quality calls and conversations, regardless of the industry.

Qualified Cold Callers

Our US-based cold callers come from a variety of backgrounds and are chosen based on their experience and ability to schedule qualified appointments.

Sales Training & Development

All of our cold calling reps go through a dedicated sales training based on our proven sales scripts and methodologies.

U.S Based Sales Reps

We have a dedicated team of skilled, professional cold callers who are all located across the United States — we never offshore this essential role to ensure that all of our B2B clients receive the best outreach services possible.

Quality Feedback Evaluations

Calling potential customers is the quickest way to get their raw opinion about your product or service. This will help you optimize your pitch and marketing strategy. We'll meet with you every week to review feedback and make changes to campaigns based on that feedback.


How Our Outsourced Cold Calling Service Works

To ensure that our clients are getting the most out of our cold calling services, we have implemented a foolproof process. This allows us to work together in order to create a strategy specifically tailored for them, so they can get the best results possible.

Custom Script & Strategy

Our sales script and value proposition experts will create a custom cold calling script based on your company's unique value proposition.

Frequent & Repeated Calls

Our experienced cold callers will contact your leads multiple times to increase conversation rates and appointments.

Ongoing Evaluation Sessions

Meeting frequently to optimize campaign variables gets us better results in the end.

Qualified Appointments

To offer high-quality chances, we schedule appointments with key decision-makers that fulfill predetermined criteria.

savr your time & money

Save Time & Money. Let Us Hire Cold Callers For You

For most businesses, forming an internal sales development team and employing cold callers is difficult. This procedure may take a long time to complete and needs a lot of expertise to manage. Our cold calling service was designed to provide B2B companies with an alternative to paying a higher cost for SDRs while still providing the same level of experience. 

On average, it can take up to 3 months to ramp up a new sales rep that is scheduling qualified appointments on a regular basis. Our outsourced sales calling service gets you on track faster, more efficiently, and more importantly, at a fraction of the cost.

Outsourced Cold Calling Services Increase The Number of Qualified Appointments

Automated Revenue's cold calling services are unrivaled because of our ability to connect people with products and services using modern techniques. We have redefined and recreated the cold call service industry that was left for “dead” by those who rely on old-fashioned methods. 

We are changing the meaning of telemarketing, cold calling, and appointment setting for the 21st century by having humans reach out to prospects instead of machines. With our cold calling service, we can generate leads for your business so you can focus on building it.

Our Happy Customers Saying Thank You
Matas Jakutis
CEO @ BMDigitial

I found Automated Revenue through a Twitter ad and I’m always skeptical of big bold claims I see in ads. I decided to give them a chance in helping to build out my appointment setter and closer teams for my business.I’ve also invested heavily in the mainstream sales recruiting agencies and Automated Revenue has not only performed faster but has also provided A+ sales talent for a much more affordable price point than the others.One of their setters booked 97 calls in his first 30 days generating over 6 figures in top line revenue.If you are looking to add top tier sales talent to your business hit up Dylan and Jake they really are the SDR whisperers.