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Cold Calling Outsourcing: The Ultimate Guide

Cold calling is when a sales rep contacts potential customers with no prior relationship with your company. Learn about the benefits of cold calling outsourcing

As a business owner your top priority is to produce sales and grow your business. Achieving this is only possible if your company is able to connect with your target audience. Cold calling is one of the best ways to do this as it helps you generate leads and convert prospects into customers. This holds true with both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) business models. 

An effective cold calling operation will demand dedication and professional skills. These things will cost your company time and money.

It may be in the best interest of your company to outsource cold calling functions to a third party agency. A reputable organization will have a team of individuals with the skills necessary to help land more sales for your business. 

Look to the guide below for information on how to outsource cold calling services to enhance your business strategy. 

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a process which involves your sales rep contacting a potential customer or business prospect who has had no prior relationship with your company. The intent of a cold call is to solicit business from the person on the other end of the phone. This individual is unfamiliar with your business but may have interest in the goods or services you can offer them. 

Having existed since the invention of the telephone, cold calling is one of the oldest outbound sales techniques in the book. It remains an effective tool for attracting customers and closing sales for your company. 

What is Outsourcing?

When properly utilized, outsourcing is a good way for your organization to cut significant costs and generate revenue. It involves hiring a third party organization to provide services, manufacture goods, or perform specific functions for your company. 

Many of your company’s tasks and services can be outsourced today. This includes cold calling outsourcing.

Cold Calling Outsourcing

Outsourcing your cold calling operations to a third-party can bring about significant benefits for your company. It will free up time and resources which can be allocated to other important sectors of your business.

The agency you use for cold calling outsourcing should cover a wide variety of services from lead generation to appointment setting. The organization should be structured from top to bottom to handle cold calling functions for your company. It should have a large staff of sales professionals who have a wealth of training and experience in making sales calls. 

The agents will be fully responsible for reaching out to prospects on behalf of your business. They can use any of your existing cold call scripts as a frame of reference or they can generate an entirely new one. 

Is Cold Calling Dead?

You may have heard rumblings that cold calling is dead. But should you believe the hype?

There is no doubt that cold calling has become a very polarizing topic of discussion in the sales world. Many believe it is an outdated sales technique now that there are many channels available for consumers to locate vendors and make purchases on their own. 

As a result, there are a number of companies who have eliminated cold calling from their operations. This is good news for your business. It means you will gain a competitive advantage by layering cold calling into your business strategy.  

So, no, cold calling is not dead. It remains a very powerful resource for your company to reach your target audience and sell your products or services. That’s precisely why we write informative content like this on how to outsource cold calling. Because it’s still very economically feasible to grow your bottom line. 

How to Outsource Cold Calling

The end goal of your cold calling function is to create new customers for your business and produce more sales. 

Some outside agencies are better at achieving this than others. Which means you need to choose an agency with proven results. 

Types of Cold Calling Services to Outsource

Your company needs to have well-defined business and sales objectives in place before outsourcing its cold calling services to another agency. 

Once your sales goals are established you can begin to hunt for a cold calling service provider that meshes with what your company is trying to do. 

Here are a couple more things to consider in the processing of knowing how to outsource cold calling. 

Types of Cold Calling by Purpose of the Call

Is your company looking to increase its conversion rate by having more face-to-face meetings with prospects? A cold calling agency that specializes in appointment setting can help you do just that. The agents will arrange a date and time for an interested prospect to meet with your sales rep and discuss how your goods and services can assist them. 

If your company is looking to create a list of qualified leads, your cold calling partner will prioritize lead generation. The agent will reach out to prospects to create interest in your product or service. Your company will cultivate this interest to build a sales pipeline of qualified leads that your account executives can then close.  

Types of Cold Calling By Business Model

If your business offers products or services to other companies, or Business to Business (B2B) selling, your cold calling agency will reach out to other organizations to personally introduce your brand. The agents will talk to business owners or employees at the decision-making level to discuss how your business can provide solutions to their unique problems. 

If the end user for your business is the consumer, (meaning not another business) then your cold calling service provider will initiate conversations with individual consumers in an effort to solicit sales.

Benefits of Cold Calling Outsourcing

If you’re searching for an indicator that outsourcing your cold calling services will be worthwhile, consider this: Hundreds of thousands of companies from around the world contract out their cold calling operations. 

Cold calling outsourcing wouldn’t be such a popular business strategy if it didn’t have a direct impact on your company’s bottom line. 

By hiring a cold calling service provider your business will benefit in the following ways.

Increased Productivity

Your organization will reach a new level of productivity once you make the switch and know how to outsource cold calling. 

A quality cold calling agency will have the resources and personnel to reach out to a large number of prospects in a shorter amount of time. The result will be more sales conversions for your business.  

Since the service provider will be dialing out to each of your prospects, your in-house staff won’t need to make outbound sales calls. This will allow your staff to focus on other work that is integral to the growth of your business.

Money Saving

Money keeps your company ticking, and outsourcing your cold calling services will save you a heap of it. 

A cold calling outsourcing operation will keep labor costs low by eliminating the need to hire and train personnel to carry out cold calling services. Your service provider will have its own team of fully-trained professionals in place. The provider will be responsible for the pay and benefits of each of its own employees. 

Your cold calling outsourcing provider will also be responsible for all equipment and technology necessary to fulfill the cold calling service requirements.

Efficiency & Accuracy Boosted

A reputable cold calling agency will have a well-trained team of specialists dedicated specifically to calling your prospects. These agents are already experts at carrying out sales initiatives - they just need to learn your business and sales goals.

The service provider will be able to execute your sales program far more efficiently than a typical internal sales team could. 

Hire Cold Calling Outsourcing For Many Industries

Your business will benefit from outsourcing its cold calling services regardless of the industry it is in. 

With that being said, there are cold calling agencies which specially tailor their services to complement certain industries. Some of these industries include the following. 

Real Estate

Knowing how to outsource cold calling can be a huge boost to a real estate company’s sales efficiency. The service provider will contact potential homebuyers and schedule property viewings. Though this may not translate to immediate sales, it will condense the process. 


Service providers will help an IT company connect with prospects to determine which products and services they have a need for. A prospect could purchase one of these items immediately over the phone. They might even become a source for referrals. 


There are outside cold calling agencies which specialize in discussing financial opportunities with prospects. These service providers may pitch credit cards, insurance, and banking services.

Travel & Hospitality

Knowing how to outsource cold calling to a team of third-party agents is often what sets travel & hospitality companies apart. The companies that thrive in this industry use their partner sales agents to introduce potential customers to new promotions and offers. From there, individuals may have interest in booking trips over the phone.


Telecommunications companies often use third-party cold calling services to connect with prospects and discuss new plans and subscription options. Cold calling current subscribers can also increase total monthly billings within a prospect group that is already benefiting from what you offer. 

Cold Calling Outsourcing With Automated Revenue

You know that outsourcing cold calling operations will help grow your business. Now it’s time to take action. 


In today’s business climate, you need to leverage every opportunity to generate leads and convert prospects to customers. That’s where Automated Revenue comes in. We provide custom, end-to-end outbound sales solutions to meet your company’s unique needs.


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