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Sales Development Representative: An Overview of the Position

Sales development representatives are one of the best ways to increase productivity for any busy team. Learn about the overall role and skills needed to be successful

Sales development representatives are one of the best ways to increase productivity for any busy team. SDR roles serve to keep the sales pipeline moving efficiently and always covering new ground when it comes to client acquisition. Many people wonder, “what is an SDR in sales?” simply put, they’re outbound specialists that work to qualify more leads for your sales team. This article will explain the benefits of sales development representatives and why you should consider SDR roles for your organization.   

What Is a Sales Development Representative?

A sales development representative is an individual that prospects and fills your pipeline with qualified leads. Many sales teams become increasingly overwhelmed and simply try to qualify every lead their way, which often causes a strain on the sales pipeline. SDR roles in sales take an enormous weight off your sales teams’ shoulders by enabling them to spend more time closing and less time qualifying. Sales development representatives are crucial components that create a productive environment for your sales team and drive continued growth for the business.    

What Does a Sales Development Representative Do?

SDR in sales takes on several roles to help fill your sales pipeline with more qualified leads and increase productivity for those responsible for closing sales. One of the most significant roles an SDR in sales takes on is your business’s prospecting processes. Prospecting is highly time-consuming and can consume hours of your time, leaving you no time for other high-priority tasks. Additionally, SDRs will work with your marketing team to follow up on any leads they bring and set the stage for your qualified prospects. 

Connect With Leads

The sales development representative plays a crucial role in setting the stage for your lead as they move through the sales funnel. SDR roles in sales also share a heavy responsibility in your customer’s journey, giving you another chance to connect with the lead further. Additionally, your sales development representative will use various ways to contact your leads and meet them to qualify them further for your business. SDR in sales also collects data to contribute to your business’s marketing research and analysis.

Educate & Qualify The Leads

Your leads are approaching your business because they’re searching for a solution to a problem they have that you may be able to provide. Part of the qualifying process includes educating your lead on the product or service you offer and how it can provide a solution to their problem. They will want to know the details of your offering and how it can benefit them and will undoubtedly have objections for you to address. The SDRs will provide educate and entice your leads to take the following steps and connect with the individuals that close your business’s sales. 

Skills of a Sales Development Representative

SDR roles in sales are incredibly dynamic and require professionals to maintain various tasks at one time that are constantly shifting. Sales development representatives need several skills to succeed, such as resilience, organization, persistence, in-depth industry knowledge, and time management. Your SDRs will need to know the specific details of your product or service to help your leads connect with the company. Above all, the sales development representative must be persistent and have a hard work ethic to excel in this role. 

Prospecting Skills

Broad prospecting is gone for most companies and industries; today, businesses must be particular with their prospecting. The marketing team should focus on attracting suitable candidates for your organization, and your sales SDRs will reach out to marketing-generated and outbound leads. Prospecting requires your team to keep up with the collecting data about your customers to empower your SDRs with the best information possible when scouring for tips.   

Active Listening

A significant aspect of SDR's role in sales involves active listening when reaching out to leads and exploring their problem. SDRs need to be able to keep up with a customer expressing their problem and how it’s affecting them. This will set them up to deliver the correct answers throughout the conversation, enticing the lead to continue to the next steps. Additionally, active listening will make your customer feel heard by the company and build a healthier customer-company rapport.

Time Management

An SDR on sales day is full of different tasks and responsibilities that need tending to keep the pipeline full of qualified leads for the sales team. Those in this role need acute attention to detail and time management to ensure everything is handled daily. Proper time management will help SDRs keep up with prospecting and qualifying leads continuously. Most SDRs create systems they follow with every piece of information across their desk. 

Communication Skills

The majority of SDR role responsibilities require communicating in some way or another to leads or others within the internal team. SDRs must know how to be highly efficient with their communications and understand how to talk to various people throughout the day. An SDR needs to listen more than talk, especially when prospecting a new lead. Additionally, they must know how to communicate proficiently with people through various phone calls, emails, or even voicemails. 

Product Knowledge

Your sales development representative can’t sell your product if they don’t know what it is or why it’s essential for your customers. SDRs must be given all the information possible to help them understand and embrace your product so they can become subject matter experts on your product. Empowering your SDRs with new information and updates on your product will ensure your leads are up to date with the correct information at all times. They must also be able to understand the weaknesses of your product to address any objections your leads may have early into the prospecting stage. 

Professional Sales Development Representatives

Have you considered introducing SDR in sales for your internal sales team? There is no better way to continuously nurture your sales pipeline with qualified leads that will increase your business's overall closing and retention rates. No one does it better when generating sales opportunities than the representatives at Automated Revenue. Set up your consultation with us today to learn how we can create more streams of steady leads for your business! 

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