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What Is a Sales Enablement Manager? Role, Skills, and Salary

This role is a core member of any successful sales enablement team because they help tactically execute project deliverables while ensuring the team efforts deliver

So, what is a sales enablement manager? This role is a core member of any successful sales enablement team because they help tactically execute project deliverables while ensuring the team efforts deliver on the organization’s strategic goals. A sales enablement manager is deeply immersed in the day-to-day activities of revenue generating teams, and they are critical supporting momentum and driving results.


If you’re thinking of adding a sales enablement manager to your organization, or you are interested in the role for your own career path, keep reading to find out more. 

What Is a Sales Enablement Manager?

We already know that a sales enablement manager is a key piece of helping organizations hit their revenue goals. They help create programs and initiatives that help customer-facing teams execute their jobs more effectively. Essentially, they make it easier for their teams to sell. While the role itself is common to see in sales-based organizations, the exact responsibilities for a sales enablement manager will vary from business to business. 

What Is a Sales Enablement Manager Job Description?

There won’t be a blanket job description that fits all sales enablement managers across the board. However, there are some core qualifications, experience, and responsibilities that will be necessary for success in the position.


In terms of qualifications and experience, most organizations will require that a sales enablement manager have a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent experience. It is usually preferable that you have experience in sales enablement or other revenue-related roles, like sales or support.


It is also helpful to have knowledge of best practices, methodologies, and technologies around sales and revenue. Some organizations may ask for demonstration that you have measurable experience with making a positive impact on business outcomes or experience in using established approaches to execute change management initiatives. It will also be helpful if you are active in sales enablement groups and communities.


A sales enablement manager may have the following responsibilities.


Oversee End-to-End Performance

Sales enablement managers are often responsible for the complete programmatic design and development of enablement initiatives to help their revenue teams achieve success.

Facilitation of Alignment

The sales enablement manager serves as a connection between revenue-facing teams when gaps occur. They help facilitate collaboration with cross-functional teams to keep everyone aligned with broader company goals. 

Evaluation of Metrics and Impact

The sales enablement manager helps track metrics and KPIs that are vital to success and growth. 

Skills for a Good Sales Enablement Manager

In addition to the qualifications and experience it takes to get hired as a sales enablement manager, there is a certain skill set that will make you more successful in the role. Since the role is broad and relates to people, management, organization, and development, it will require a combination of both hard and soft skills. 

Hard Skills

A sales enablement manager must be data-driven and able to analyze results and trends to better position the sales team for success. Doing well in this role will require you to be technologically savvy, because most teams will use a sales automation platform and other tools like CRM to help facilitate their work. You’ll need to be a master of your tech stack to help your team.


Project management is one of the biggest responsibilities of a sales enablement manager. This will require juggling priorities, managing deadlines, and overcoming roadblocks to ensure all projects are completed. One critical skill is a deep knowledge of the buyer’s journey, which will help them provide support for their team as they guide end-customers throughout the journey. 

Soft Skills

A sales enablement manager will also need soft skills to work well with others. They will need exceptional communication skills and be comfortable speaking with executives. It is also important to be a good listener to collaborate and build trust. Sales enablement managers must also be open to innovation and work in a collaborative approach. Finally, time management is extremely important to making sure all tasks are executed properly.


What Is a Sales Enablement Manager Salary Like?

The salary of a sales enablement manager in the United States can range from $63K to $147K a year, depending on industry, location, and experience. The idea of adding this amount to your budget might be scary, but there are ways to reduce your expenses to balance the cost of adding a sales enablement manager to your team. Using a sales force automation tool like Automated Revenue can actually save you money by making your sales operations more efficient and generating more leads. 

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