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What Is a Sales Enablement Specialist? What Do They Do?

Sales enablement is a framework for supporting sales. Training your sales teams in proper sales techniques is sales enablement.

We can’t blame you if you ask yourself, “What is a sales enablement specialist?” or “What is sales enablement training?” Even though it can hugely impact business, people don’t talk about it much. 


So we’ll start by explaining sales enablement. Sales enablement is a framework for supporting sales. Training your sales teams in proper sales techniques is sales enablement. So is writing extensive content on your products for your sales team to reference.


Sales enablement is everything you do to help your sales team thrive. 

Does Sales Enablement Work?

It does! A study from Aberdeen found that effective sales enablement can increase conversion rates by 23% and quota achievement rates by 24% for individuals and 32% for teams.

A sales enablement strategy creates a process for supporting your salespeople. Think of it as a formula for increasing potential revenue: salespeople + support × resources = more sales. 

What Are The Responsibilities of a Sales Enablement Specialist?

Let’s start with some simpler questions: what is a sales enablement specialist, and what does a sales enablement specialist do?

A sales enablement specialist acts as an organizer for sales enablement.

In a small company, a sales enablement specialist might be a consultant. Their role could be to gather content from legal and marketing and to translate it into a manual and training program for sales.

What a sales enablement specialist does in a larger company could be more complicated. They could lead a team that gathers, organizes, and streamlines sales enablement for sales, partners, and more. 

What Are the Key Skills of a Sales Enablement Specialist?

1. Interpersonal Skills

Sure, interpersonal skills can help in most positions. But a sales enablement specialist needs to be able to communicate with people throughout the organization. A large part of their job is keeping the sales team updated and continuously improving. Sales enablement specialists should be able to develop and maintain strong relationships at work. 

2. Organization

Since your sales enablement specialist is going to be the central resource for your sales team, they’ll need to be able to stay organized. It’s up to them to ensure that information sent by other departments can be easily understood. The sales enablement specialist will need to review everything and integrate it into manuals and training for the sales team. 

3. Strategic & Problem-Solving Skills

Sales enablement specialists can play an important part in keeping sales initiatives moving forward. A good sales enablement specialist will consider how the sales team is performing, where they’re falling short, and how to help them improve.

Other departments like legal and marketing will be sending materials and strategies for the sales team to consider. Your sales enablement specialist will find a way to mesh new and old strategies to solve problems and meet goals. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Sales Enablement Specialist?

A dedicated sales enablement specialist is the liaison between sales and all other departments. They streamline training processes, develop dedicated manuals for best practices, and make sure your sales team has the necessary support to grow and thrive.

Your sales enablement specialist will maintain strong relationships with other departments. That means that your sales team will always be up-to-date and ready to work with the latest project developments. 

Beyond that, your sales enablement specialist can foster an environment of learning. To maintain their edge, sales teams can continue training and learning. A sales enablement specialist can coordinate training to ensure it meets your company and employee needs.

What Is Sales Enablement Training?

Don’t worry if you’ve gotten this far and you’re still wondering, “What is sales enablement training?” We’ve talked about it a little, but not in any detail.

Sales enablement training is the formal process of teaching your sales team. This can involve comprehensive training on how your products work, the psychology behind sales, and training managers in coaching sales teams.

For example, let’s say you own a company selling tools for making cocktails. Your sales enablement training could involve training salespeople on how to use your tools and what makes your products unique. It can also involve the basics of sales, including how to identify prospects.

Sales Enablement Best Practices

1. Set Clear Objectives

Increasing sales and revenue is a great objective. But where is that going to take you? Clear objectives with measurable results will help you meet your sales goals. The objectives you choose can be highly specific, like upgrading content servers. They could also be more broad, like improving margins. Consider what your company and teams need and set objectives that will help.

2. Make Content Easy to Access

Part of sales enablement is creating access to information. A central hub, like a cloud drive, can make it easy for your teams to access client information, product content and demos, and more. The more accessible this information is, the more successful your team can be. 

3. Drive Ongoing Education

You might have noticed a trend, but we’ll make it a little clearer. Transparency, information sharing, and practicing training are critical elements of sales enablement. Your sales teams can learn from other departments, but other departments can learn from them.

Create an environment that celebrates education, sharing information, and growing. 

How You Can Replace Your Sales Enablement Specialist With Software

Sales enablement is complicated on the surface, but it’s all about increasing and maintaining sales. It boils down to developing systems for sharing information and supporting the sales team. But that doesn’t mean you need to hire a specialist just yet.

At Automated Revenue, we audit your existing systems to find room to improve before we make any suggestions. Once we understand your organizational needs, we create an automated system that integrates what you have to help you meet your goals.

We’re not specialists or a software. We’re an end-to-end sales enablement solution that works with your company. Are you ready to be a part of the sales enablement revolution? Click here to learn more about our customized solutions.

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